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Soake Boutique Pagoda with Frill/Navy Spots


Soake Boutique Pagoda with Frill/Navy Spots


Soake "Spotty Pagoda" umbrellas have the classic vintage look embellished with a contemporary twist of Polka Dots and a sumptious double layer frill..

  • The SPOKES we specify are generally FIBREGLASS. However due to the nature of the design of this beautiful umbrella we are obliged to use 10steel ribs. (On most umbrellas, there are 8 ribs). Due to the high number of ribs giving the framework added strength AND the shape of the canopy this umbrella rarely suffers from wind inversion. If you should ever experience wind inversion you should hold the umbrella INTO the wind and tease the ribs back to their normal position.
  • This umbrella has a hook handle and a matching tassel.
  • The CANOPY is manufactured from a polyester material offering a very waterproof covering. We always ensure that the canopy is large enough for the job and this umbrella is no exception having a diameter of 95cm enough to keep you covered and dry always.
  • This umbrella is manual opening. If you want a stylish beautiful umbrella this is definitely one for you.
  • The shape is very elegant and suitable for any occasion.

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